Press Releases 2009

  Call for the Immediate Release of Abera Yemaneab (25 December 2009)

End the illegal detention of Judge Birtukan Midiksa (23 December 2009)

SOCEPP Objects to the IOM Repatriation Operation (15 December 2009)

Denounce the Murder of Four Students in Shakiso

Statement on the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

SOCEPP calls for the release of refugees jailed by Egypt (08 December 2009)

Violations of Right to Food (17 October 2009)

Egypt: Stop Brutal Killing of Asylum Seekers (17 September 2009)

Open letter to Seye Abraha and other former TPLF leaders (08 Sep. 2009)

Major Atanaw Wassie passed away in detention (24 August 2009)

Open letter to all Arab human rights organizations (17 August 2009)

Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners - Canada (SOCEPP - Can) denounces the sham trial and the dubious charges against a Canadian citizen in Ethiopia

Deportees from Sudan facing death risk (06 August 2009)

SOCEPP denounces Sudanese action against refugees (20 July 2009)

World Refugee Day: The Plight of Ethiopian Refugees Worsens (20 June 2009)

Denounce the torture and mistreatment of prisoners (15 June 2009)

Italy should stop deporting refugees to Libya (11 June 2009)

EPRDF Police Official Lies about Torture (11 June 2009)

June 1991 - June 2009: 18 Years of disappearance (08 June 2009)

Release the prisoners of 2005 (08 June 2009)

Release all political prisoners now (15 May 2009)

Britain and the EPRDF guilty of Assefa Maru's murder (08 May 2009)

The repression intensifies (May 08, 2009)

Update on the repression (03 May 2009)

Statement on World Press Freedom Day (03 May 2009)

Kidnapping of children for sale increases (04 April 2009)

SOCEPP supports the demonstrations against Meles Zenawi in London - (02 April 2009)

UPDATE: Deportees from the Sudan Surface in Kaliti Prison (31 March 2009)

SOCEPP Condemns loyal opposition MP's campaign against the poor (30 March 2009)

SOCEPP condemns the sale of children under the cover of adoption (22 March 2009)

SOCEPP condemns the sale of children under the cover of adoption (21 March 2009)

Radio reporter Dawit Alemu illegally jailed (11 March 2009)

International Women's Day: No dawn yet for Ethiopian women (08 March 2009)

Reports on human rights in Ethiopia: why flawed, why incomplete
(04 March 2009)

Call for the release of journalist Wosen Seged Gebre-Kidan (20 Feb 2009

Independence of the judiciary violated again (21 January 2009)

Plight of Ethiopians in the Middle East worsens (10 January 2009)

Further repression against the free press (09 January 2009)